The Commercial Park Group

Live better, work better

At the forefront of a new movement for 'finding zen in the office' and a desire to 'live better, work better', The Commercial Park Group is developing, promoting and delivering business destinations that heighten productivity, creativity and wellbeing. The John Baker Group is working in partnership with leading building and civil engineering company Sir Robert McAlpine, The Commercial Park Group will deliver more than 2 million square feet of workspace across south-east England, with a value of £2 billion. In the most ambitious project of its type in the United Kingdom, a series of prime, progressive offices in commuter towns and outer London boroughs will enable a highly-educated, skilled workforce to find employment closer to home, rather than travelling into the capital. With the hubs reflecting how people now wish to work and live, with a healthier balance between the two, The Commercial Park Group will allow international, enlightened companies to attract, engage and retain employees. Going to the office could now become an energising experience, which promotes wellbeing and physical health, and enriches mind and soul.

Every aspect of the hubs has been designed to boost mood, creativity and productivity

The John Baker Group

Forward-thinking and enterprising developers

Across the property industry, The John Baker Group is revered for being one of the most forward-thinking and enterprising developers. Given the size of the project, and also the transformative, aspirational and mood-enhancing spaces that will be created, The Commercial Park Group will represent another industry first. To achieve The John Baker Group’s vision, the developer is working in partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine, widely regarded as one of the UK's leading building and civil engineering contractors.

In a sign of its ambition and the advanced nature of the project, The Commercial Park Group has already acquired more than £20 million of property in three locations outside London - in Crawley, Haywards Heath and Bromley - with those sites to become known respectively as Gatwick Park, Haywards Park and Bromley Park.

Intuitive, intelligent & progressive design

In collaboration with Urban Infill, which is one of the most innovative architectural practices in the UK, The Commercial Park Group is establishing itself as a brand distinguished by intuitive, intelligent and progressive design. Attractive, spacious offices will welcome in air and light, with the buildings set within green, carefully-considered landscapes that will include attractive gardens.

From the exterior and interior aesthetics to the state-of-the-art systems, and from the comfort to the environmental sustainability, every aspect of the hubs has been designed to create an environment that will boost employees’ mood, creativity and productivity. With the The Commercial Park Group also offering high-end, premium finishes, superb accessibility and a strong market presence, these new business destinations will be categorised as Grade A office space.

International and national transport links are fundamental to the success of any global-facing business district with a local workforce, and each of The Commercial Park Group sites have been chosen for their proximity to railway stations and airports.

Employees who drive or cycle into work will also be well served by the The Commercial Park Group. Optimum car parking provision at each building will allow for secure, underground dedicated parking with direct access to office floors, as well as accessible spaces and electric car charging locations. In keeping with the The Commercial Park Group's philosophy of promoting health and wellbeing, the business districts will offer facilities for those who choose to cycle to work, including secured bike racks, showers, lockers and changing facilities.