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The Vision

A comfortable, flexible lifestyle outside central London

John Baker, the Founder of the John Baker Group, has recognised how "the south-east of England continues to see an influx of skilled workers seeking a more comfortable, flexible lifestyle outside central London".

"Combined with the government’s commitment to creating high-quality living spaces on the outskirts of the capital, Crawley, Haywards Heath and Bromley are becoming key destinations to live and work," Baker says. "Gatwick Park and our projects in Bromley and Haywards Heath will create vibrant, accessible, 21st-century business destinations, giving people more freedom to focus on what’s most important in their lives - whether that’s being productive at work or spending quality time with their friends and families.”

Cost-effective and efficient for businesses

"These exciting developments will provide opportunities for businesses to operate in high-quality office environments and enable their staff to potentially work closer to home,” says Ian Cheung, the Managing Director for Sir Robert McAlpine in the South. “This is likely to be cost-effective and efficient for businesses, as well as improving the work-life balance for many.”

"People will be given more freedom to focus on what's important in their lives."

Aspirational architecture in easy-to-reach locations

"This is an extremely progressive and ambitious project," says Ian Dollamore, Founder of Urban Infill. "That’s not just because of the focus on providing the highest-quality office environments and the rejuvenation of entire streets, but also because it’s a chance to create business destinations that will make a real difference to the quality of people’s lives."

"The way people live and work is constantly evolving, and the provision of this substantial new space in easy-to-reach locations offers a fantastic opportunity to create aspirational architecture that promotes creativity, wellbeing and satisfaction. More and more key professionals are increasingly calling towns like Crawley home, so we’re bringing the work to them, saving them precious time and money, and offering international businesses access to a gold standard of HQ building and a talented and productive workforce right on the doorstep.”